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New Music // Röyksopp – Monument

5 Nov

13 years after their debut album, Melody AM, Röyksopp are calling it quits, so to speak. While they’ve stated they’ll continue making music they’ve decided to part ways with the traditional album format after the release of The Inevitable End on November 11.

While they haven’t had the same peaks as some of their electronic contemporaries like The Chemical Brothers or Daft Punk, Röyksopp have been consistently releasing their particular brand of music for as long or longer than some of the biggest names out there. It would easy to assume this album may not be able to manage the same magic this deep in their career, or that perhaps it will be a victory lap of proven ground, but this reworked track Monument (featuring Robyn on vocals) sounds just as fresh and energetic as anything they’ve ever done. In fact, they sound like they’re just hitting their stride.

What this means for Röyksopp’s music in the future, only time will tell, but for now, enjoy some of the best electronic music from one of the best electronic bands around.



New Music // Tomas Barfod – Busy Baby (feat Nina K)

14 Jun

Danish electronic producer Tomas Barfod has released the follow up to his excellent debut album The Salton Sea.

Love Me, like any good sophomore album should, doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but instead refines and matures what made the debut great.

If you enjoy melancholy pop tunes with a good beat, which seems to be a popular theme amongst other Scandinavian electronic acts (Royksöpp, The Knife), then this will definitely appeal.

Check out this excellent new track Busy Baby, featuring vocalist Nina K, who has established herself as the perfect accompaniment to Barfod’s sound.



New Music // Röyksopp – Something In My Heart

18 Nov

The Norwegian electronic duo are back with a gorgeous new track, the b-side to an upcoming single release, called Something In My Heart, a slow burner featuring a beautifully plaintive vocal turn by Jamie McDermott of The Irrepressibles.