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New Music // London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years

17 Apr

London Grammar are back with yet another soulful and brooding slow builder, their third achingly beautiful track so far. Their first was Hey Now, followed by Metal and Dust, and now Wasting My Young Years. If they keep up this momentum their debut album is going to drop massive.

New Music // London Grammar – Hey Now

6 Feb

The best moments for a music lover are those when a new song is discovered; the first intimate moments spent listening to music from a new and unknown artist where the only thing that exists is you and the sound. Our undeniable curiosity eventually drives us to burn away the mystery and magic by learning every detail we can about the artist responsible, so it’s important to enjoy those first fleeting moments of wonder when they happen.

Here is one of those moments. A new band from the UK called London Grammar has quietly dropped this absolute stunner while keeping, at least for now, their identities under wraps, leaving us nothing more than the music to experience.

Eventually we’ll be able to pull back the curtain but for now just enjoy the music.