New Music // Interpol – All The Rage Back Home

9 Jul

After a 4 year hiatus Interpol are back with the first track from their upcoming 5th LP, El Pintor, which happens to be their first album without bassist Carlos Dengler.

While their last album didn’t quite live up to their past greatness, this new single, All The Rage Back Home, shows promise for a return to form for one of rocks coolest bands.



New Music // Tomas Barfod – Busy Baby (feat Nina K)

14 Jun

Danish electronic producer Tomas Barfod has released the follow up to his excellent debut album The Salton Sea.

Love Me, like any good sophomore album should, doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but instead refines and matures what made the debut great.

If you enjoy melancholy pop tunes with a good beat, which seems to be a popular theme amongst other Scandinavian electronic acts (Royksöpp, The Knife), then this will definitely appeal.

Check out this excellent new track Busy Baby, featuring vocalist Nina K, who has established herself as the perfect accompaniment to Barfod’s sound.



New Music // Jamie XX – Girl

22 Apr

Jamie XX is back with another solo track, outside of his regular efforts with The XX, and it’s arguably his finest one yet. An off kilter bassline provides the slinky foundation for this languid groove, while Jamie’s signature deep kicks and sharp claps echo in the cathedral space as ethereal vocals cascade around you in the darkness like a sirens song, calling out from the other side. Girl is an absolutely sublime beauty, proving yet again that Jamie XX is one of the best producers working today.



New Music // Tourist – Together

22 Apr

London-based Tourist is steadily becoming one of the most interesting and dynamic Producers creating electronic music today, with his 3 Ep releases and collection of remixes dabbling confidently in a variety of styles, from the sun kissed Balearic bliss of Plastic Acid, the alien soundscape of I Have No Fear, and now the propulsive disco house of Together, he’s showing that he has the chops to succeed in not just one arena, but several. It’s too early to tell where this creative restlessness will take him, but at least for now it’s pretty clear that we should be together.



New Music // Tourist – Placid Acid

27 Mar

Sometimes great tracks slip through the cracks, this 2012 stunner by English producer Tourist is one of them, pure summer bliss.