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New Music // Vampire Weekend – Step

31 Mar

Vampire Weekend are back with a couple new tracks from their highly anticipated third album, Modern Vampires of the City, due to drop on May 14th.

While the lead single is an ecclectic track called Diane Young I’m going to instead spotlight the supporting track, Step, a beautiful and understated piano/harpsichord ballad with a sublimely sung chorus by Ezra Koenig.

New Music // Chvrches – Recover EP

31 Mar

Chvrches have dropped their first official collection of tracks as part of the Recover EP. The title track I posted a little while ago so for this post I think I'll feature another track called Now Is Not The Time, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites of theirs.

New Music // Sigur Rós – Brennisteinn

29 Mar

Sigur Rós are unlike any other band in the world, and could arguably be considered one of the best of all time.

Their songs are epic, evocative, emotional, transcendent, and absolutely beautiful; but even those grandiose words don’t come close to accurately describing their music. Perhaps it’s fitting that they’re from a place as unique and unusual as Iceland, because their music doesn’t seem to be of this earth; theirs is truly the music of angels.

Sadly, one of their members has split from the group to pursue a different path but this new song, Brennisteinn, from their first album since his departure, Kveikur, shows they’re otherworldy magic hasn’t diminished. In fact, if anything they sound more ferocious than they’ve ever been.

New Music // Kisses – The Hardest Part

7 Mar

Kisses dropped a new track from their upcoming sophomore album, Kids in LA, due out May 14th

New Music // Baths – Miasma Sky

6 Mar

Baths is Will Wiesenfeld, an electronic music producer and singer from California who’s debut album Cerulean garnered much praise and attention. Now he’s set to return with his follow up Lp, Obsidian, on May 28th and here is our first sample of what it has to offer.