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New Music // Chad Valley

22 Oct

Chad Valley is the solo project of Hugo Manuel, a British electronic musician who's just released his debut album, Young Hunger.

The 'chill wave' genre label isn't a completely accurate representation of his sound but I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention it in context with his music. The best way I can think to describe Chad Valley is 80's-inspired electropop best suited for summer days spent at the beach. Hugo's sound is bright and optimistic. His choices in synths are shimmering, his drum patterns playful and danceable, and his falsetto vocals reach for the skies.

Solid from beginning to end, his debut is confident first step by a legitimate talent. So if you're looking for music to feel good to this album is for you, and that's why it earns a place here at the Beach House.

Here are a couple samples


New Music Video // The XX – Chained

15 Oct

Coexist, the excellent second album from The XX, has been in our playlists long enough now that many of its treasures have been mined by our ravenous ears. It’s a slow burner for sure, not as immediate as their debut, but it’s also more sophisticated in a lot of ways.

And now The XX have released the first visual to go along with Chained, one of my personal faves from Coexist. A hypnotically beautiful video born of Romy Madley-Croft’s imagination, it’s a perfect companion to their dark and mercurial sound.


New Music // Chvrches

7 Oct

Chvrches are a promising new electropop band from Glasgow, Scotland comprised of Iain Cook, Martin Doherty, and Lauren Mayberry.

They’ve released two tracks so far, Lies and The Mother We Share, and both are excellent electropop singles, each showing quality songcraft. Sharing a lot of similarities with other newcomers Purity Ring, but with a more upbeat tempo and tone, Churches seem like a band on the verge of something pretty exciting.

I’ll post further news about their upcoming debut album as it comes. For now, here are the two tracks so far…


The Mother We Share