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New Music // Washed Out – Straight Back

16 Jul

Washed Out, aka Ernest Greene, found time during his extensive touring to record this gorgeous cover of Fleetwood Mac's Straight Back. Washed Out's aesthetic is a perfect match for this great band and the result is another golden languid groove perfectly suited to warm summer nights.


New Music // Memory Tapes – Wait In The Dark (Jensen Sportag remix)

6 Jul

Hailing from Nashville, Jensen Sportag is the production duo of Elvis Craig and Austin Wilkinson.

They’re relatively new, having just released their first Ep Pure Wet in July, after a string of quality remixes.

But to be perfectly honest, the reason I’m blogging about these guys is this track, which has quickly become one of my favourites for the summer of 2012. If I ever meet Austin and Elvis in person I’m going to give them a really sincere hug for this blissful groove.


Memory Tapes – Wait In The Dark (Jensen Sportag remix)