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New Music // Tomas Barfod – Salton Sea

5 Jun

Tomas Barfod is a Danish musician involved in two bands, WhoMadeWho and Filur, and he’s just released his debut solo LP, Salton Sea.

I can’t claim any familiarity with his work outside of this solo venture, but what I can say confidently is that he’s legitimately talented.

Salton Sea offers up a complete album experience with plenty of different ideas and styles to keep each track interesting, and occasionally shines through with some truly inspired moments. Barfod is clearly comfortable within a variety of motifs, ranging from the bouncy sunshine of Till We Die (feat. Nina Kinert) with its playful xylophone, to the cold expanse of Don’t Understand (feat. Jeppe Kjellberg), and the esoteric Nighthawke (feat. Lydia Ainsworth) with its warbly synths and off-key pitch-shifted vocals reminiscent of The Knife. Come to think of it, Salton Sea shares quite a bit stylistically with fellow Scandinavian electronic outfits R√∂yksopp and The Knife, which is not a bad thing.