Archive | September, 2011

New Music // Purity Ring

23 Sep

Dream Pop? Future Pop? At the end of the day the label doesn’t really matter. What’s important is how the music makes you feel, and by that measure this band is worth a listen.

Producer Corin Roddick crafts asymmetric hip hop inspired rhythms surrounded by otherworldly vocal clips, arpeggiated synth melodies, and menacing bass washes, giving vocalist Megan James a dark and fertile landscape in which to coo her most secret thoughts, luring you seductively into their haunting world.

It’s a dark and beautiful place. Welcome to Purity Ring.

New Music Video // Washed Out – Amor Fati

21 Sep

Washed Out has released the official video for Amor Fati from his debut album, Within and Without. Directed by Yoonha Park this gorgeous video captures the profound moments of connection set amidst the overwhelming isolation of traveling alone in a foreign land.

To me it's a poetic analogy for life. In the vast and uncompromising emptiness of life it's the little moments and human connections that are the most important.

The fact that it's shot in Iceland, one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, doesn't hurt either.


New Music // Johnny Jewel

19 Sep

Johnny Jewel is the stage name for the producer behind two bands currently making Italo-Disco inspired music, Glass Candy and Chromatics. While his approach to the two projects each bare a distinct flavour, smooth and understated as Chromatics contrasted by bold and glam as Glass Candy, there’s a signature style running a thread between them both. Sultry analog basslines stalk twinkling synth echoes in the lamplit alleys of his digital urban landscapes. Making music as much for the club as it is for the bedroom, Johnny Jewel’s sound is just fucking cool.

Glass Candy