New Music // Oni Ayhun

7 May

While his sister Karin is off creating dark, melodic electropop as Fever Ray, Olaf Andersson, the other half of the brother/sister duo The Knife, keeps himself busy writing scores for operas and creating tracks like this as Oni Ayhun.

Built around a playful melody that loops almost for the entirety of the track, this feels like an exploration of subtle variation. On the surface it may seem repetitive but upon further headphone listens you’ll start to notice all the little details Olaf is adding moment to moment. Clocking in just under 10 minutes, it’s no easy feat to keep a track like this interesting but there’s an effortless craft at work here that never gets boring. When you listen to this brother / sister duo at work on their own you start to understand why The Knife are as brilliant as they are.


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